19 Sep 2011

Changing Your Eating Habits

Because we all have to eat junk food brought, and most of us is not easy to change our eating habits. Your eating habits have developed since childhood based on what their mothers or fathers cooked and
17 Sep 2011

All about Protein

Proteins are very important for our body. Not just for bodybuilders who use it to gain muscle mass. Those who are ill use it to rebuild the damaged tissue and even in normal conditions, our body uses
15 Sep 2011

Benefit from Using Home Gym Equipment

Almost everyone today has been educated about the benefits of regular exercise. But there is still an average of sixty percent of American adults not getting enough exercise, while 25 percent of the population is not at
13 Sep 2011

Choosing Quality Exercise Equipment

It seems that every time you are on TV these days, there is another commercial exercise equipment. The latest and greatest tape or none at all is a publicity machine on a daily basis. And why not?
11 Sep 2011

Choosing the Right Treadmill for You

Comfort and efficiency of Treadmills have a revelation in the healthcare industry. We went through a variety of fitness exercises which either break your back trying to do good, or are too difficult to master, much less