All about Protein

Proteins are very important for our body. Not just for bodybuilders who use it to gain muscle mass. Those who are ill use it to rebuild the damaged tissue and even in normal conditions, our body uses protein for many different tasks.

Proteins are composed of amino acids that fold together. There are essential amino acids – those who are not our bodies, and non essential amino acids – those that can make our body. Proteins, which are all essential amino acids should be as complete, while those that lack one or more essential amino acids are incomplete. Complete proteins come from sources such as meat, eggs, cheese, milk and soy. Incomplete proteins come from plant sources, with one exception, soybeans.

The ideal source of protein should be complete. For most people, it’s not a problem. If you are concerned about fat intake, try lean beef, chicken and turkey. For vegetarians, whose main source comes from the incomplete proteins, provided a variety of vegetables and whole grains throughout the day ensures that all essential amino acids consumed. Even with soy protein (which is the only complete source of vegetable protein) is very advantageous.

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